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The Second Time Around

I didn’t realize how different having a second child would be from the first. I figured the normal things like I would get even less sleep, have even less time to myself, the house would be twice as noisy, have twice the laundry, you know all the normal things you’d just assume. And while yes, those things are true, I didn’t really spend time thinking about how different the actual baby would be, or how differently I would view things. I suppose I should have, after all it’s been almost 5 years since the birth of my daughter. I’ve changed and grown a lot. Firstly the sleep issue that is always on everyone’s mind when thinking about a newborn. When I bought my first daughter home, I had no idea of the hell I was about to endure for the first month of her life. I was so tired it was painful, and on top of that my hormones were of course all over the place, I literally couldn’t handle life at that moment. Everything set me into a crying “fit”. This time around, while sure I’m tired, it’s not like life altering sleep deprivation. I haven’t cried because I can’t go on anymore, I haven’t screamed at my husband because my body is too tired to generate a normal response. To tell you the truth, I was actually somewhat dreading her birth because I thought I knew what was to lie ahead this time. I just handle things totally different this time around. I’m sure the fact that I’m now 24 oppose to being 19 and have already been a mom for nearing 5 years has a lot to do with it. I actually feel okay, which is something I definitely didn’t feel the first time around. I just simply hold my daughter and enjoy these days, because in this case things will be exactly the same, she’ll grow way to fast.

Life of a Preemie Mom

My daughter was in the NICU for 8 days, 8 long days. Mothers shouldn’t have to leave the hospital without their baby. The emptiness that sets in is almost unbearable, it’s a constant feeling that part of you is missing. The strain that it puts on your family isn’t easy either, but you being the hormonal mom that you are at the time, most of the strain is on  you. If you happen to add the extra challenge of breastfeeding on to that. Well you have my utmost sympathy.

My day started at 7am, after getting ready I’d head to the hospital to be there in time for the doctor to make her rounds and give me an update. Then I’d hang around until I had to come back home to get my older daughter off her school bus. Then I’d come home and try to keep our lives running at home(laundry, dishes, dinners). I’d take a shower then head to bed. I’d be awoken by my need to pump at least 3 times a night(2 if I was really lucky), where I’d go sit in my daughters empty nursery and pump in the middle of the night. That was probably one of the worst parts, in my tired half awake state it always felt like I was moaning a loss and the loneliness was almost unbearable. I was able to recharge for only the short time that I got to hold my baby and see her sweet face.

When you do get to bring your precious baby home it’s such a relief. But that’s when your next set of challenges start. Everything is too big. Diapers, socks, swaddlers, clothes, even the nose aspirator will be to big. Their already baby size right? So to try and find them even smaller is quite a task.

Their the cutest little humans ever! I wouldn’t trade any of it for a minute though, she’s the best little baby and I love her so!

My Birth Story

  I had been having really strong contractions for days but they didn’t stay constant so I waited. That Saturday we had went to see a movie, midway through it I got this strange feeling, like something big was about to happen, I actually started to panic a little thinking it was actually time to have the baby. I waited, but the only thing that happened was more inconstant contractions. The next day I went to church then out to eat, I came home and laid down. Around 4-something pm I got up and went to the restroom, I felt a lot of pressure so I just set there for a few minutes hoping it would go away. When I start to stand up from the toilet I felt a little bit a fluid came out, then about 10 second later a giant gush! I stood there panicked unsure of what to do for probably 2 minutes, finally I grab a towel and hollered for my husband. Of course he didn’t come, so I threw the sweat pants back on and darted to the back bathroom(where my things are), I hollered downstairs to my husband we had to go to the hospital right now! I changed my pants and put a granny pad on, grab my hospital bag an wait for my mother-in-law to pick up my step son so we could head to the hospital. While we were waiting very intense, constant contractions started and I then really started to panic. We finally made it to the hospital, got checked in and lead to a room. Where we wait for far to long to be seen(in reality it probably wasn’t really that long). Thy checked me and I was already 3 cm dilated and like 80% thinned out. They decided to do the C-section at shift change which was around 7pm and like an hour or so from when we were told. Nurses came and went from our room and my husband and I made jokes back and forth to help the time pass. I was doing okay, until about 20 minutes beforehand, then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was about to be cut open while I was awake( I had to be put to sleep for my first C-section) and have my tiny 35 weeker pulled out of me. I start shaking even more, it was becoming even harder to breath and I felt like I was about to pass out(if only). I rolled over on my side, closed my eyes and focused on my breathing until it was time to be wheeled into the operating room. I had manage to calm myself down ever so slightly. I was pushed onto the operating table and it was then time for the anesthesiologist to put in my epidural, while I haven’t found it to be as awful as some woman claim for it to be, it isn’t comfortable and it definitely wasn’t the second time she tried to put it in my back(it took to goes at it due to my back injury). The anesthesiologist talked me through what was about to happen, the sheet went up and they let my husband into the room. Laying there for what seemed like an hour waiting to hear them say she’s out was torcher(almost literally), I was squeezing my husbands hand for dear life. Finally I heard music to my ears, she was out and crying! I watched them wipe her off and hand her to my husband. A few minutes later they placed her on my chest for a moment, then he set down beside me with her for a few minutes, until they walked them both to the recovery room. They still had to tie my tubes and close me up, which took what felt like a life time, I’m not kidding it was awful! All said and done everything took about an hour and a half. When I finally made it to the recovery room I got to breastfeed my daughter! Quickly the pain kicked in and they couldn’t seen to get it over control. After a two hour wait we were wheeled into our mother/baby room and they were able to get my pain more under control. After that it was the typical hospital experience until the night before we were suppose to go home, Aili’s temp dropped a little bit and they became concerned. After many long hours and a lot of effort from both myself and her nurse(mostly her nurse), and an even lower temp drop they decided to move her to the NICU. They first said she would be there a couple of days, but here we sit at a week out(as of tomorrow morning) and she still isn’t home yet. Hopefully that’ll change tomorrow. But we shall have to see. I’ve been pumping and bringing it to the hospital, where I spend every morning until I have to get my older daughter off the bus. It’s getting harder and harder everyday. I’m exhausted and getting stretched thin by this point. I’m so ready to have her home and began our lives with her.

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