About Me

I was raised out in the county of a small town in Kentucky. I was home schooled, and graduated in 2008. I worked several part time jobs as a teenager. I moved out at 16. I had my daughter at 19. I worked to support she and I the two years we lived alone. I met my now husband, in 2012 while working third shift at our local Wal-Mart, he also worked third shift at the local police station as a patrolman. We had been dating about 9 months when he purposed to me in Florida while we were on vacation with his family. We got married about 3 months later, with only our two witnesses and the justice of the peace. So now I am a wife and a mother to my little girl(now 7) and I also gained a 9 year old step son. I recently gave birth to our daughter Aili on December the 6th 2015. Our life is busy and often hectic. But we’re learning a lot as we go. I was raised Christian(baptist) and my husband was raised Catholic, so we’re both trying to find a happy medium religion wise, so we can be the best followers of Christ and parents we can be.


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