Arrived at a hotel knowing I had to fake that my husband and I were still together for appearances. Upon entering the building someone came up to me and told me he had already been telling people we weren't together and was trying to find someone to be his "date". I stayed for family. He avoided me the whole time. After the ceremony we went to the reception, he talked to me and we danced. He then yelled at me in front of everyone asking "why didn't you buy me nicer shoes for this" and stormed off. I went outside to watch fireworks with everyone then went out found my room at the hotel. When I woke up and went to checkout of my room my family/friends were down there. One of them informed me my husband had a girl stay in his room. I went to find his room, he was alone at the time, but I could see someone else had been there. I didn't say anything. I didn't have too. He just looked at me for a long minute. He grabbed my hand and lead me to bed, pulled me down and started kissing me. I pushed him off and walked out. I left the hotel and went to sit in the courtyard out front. He came and seat down with me. Neither of us said anything for a long time. He told me he was sorry he acted the way he had the night before, then left. I knew I didn't want to hold onto whatever we had once anymore.


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