The Second Time Around

I didn’t realize how different having a second child would be from the first. I figured the normal things like I would get even less sleep, have even less time to myself, the house would be twice as noisy, have twice the laundry, you know all the normal things you’d just assume. And while yes, those things are true, I didn’t really spend time thinking about how different the actual baby would be, or how differently I would view things. I suppose I should have, after all it’s been almost 5 years since the birth of my daughter. I’ve changed and grown a lot. Firstly the sleep issue that is always on everyone’s mind when thinking about a newborn. When I bought my first daughter home, I had no idea of the hell I was about to endure for the first month of her life. I was so tired it was painful, and on top of that my hormones were of course all over the place, I literally couldn’t handle life at that moment. Everything set me into a crying “fit”. This time around, while sure I’m tired, it’s not like life altering sleep deprivation. I haven’t cried because I can’t go on anymore, I haven’t screamed at my husband because my body is too tired to generate a normal response. To tell you the truth, I was actually somewhat dreading her birth because I thought I knew what was to lie ahead this time. I just handle things totally different this time around. I’m sure the fact that I’m now 24 oppose to being 19 and have already been a mom for nearing 5 years has a lot to do with it. I actually feel okay, which is something I definitely didn’t feel the first time around. I just simply hold my daughter and enjoy these days, because in this case things will be exactly the same, she’ll grow way to fast.


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