Title or Sentence?

Wife… It is a title that some women spend their childhood dreaming of the day when the title becomes theirs. Others try very hard to avoid. Some don’t spend their precise time worrying about it either way (and good for you!). I didn’t spend my nights lying awake thinking about how much I couldn’t wait until the day I was someone’s wife. But I did think when and if that day ever came I would be very proud of my new title and cherish it along with my husband. Now the reality is, the title seems to hang over my head like a dark cloud from an old cartoon. When you get married at 22 most people don’t seem to respect it quite as much is if I were 27 or so. My husband probably doesn’t have this problem he’s in his thirties. But for me at 22 I get all the jokes and disrespect from people, old boyfriends, younger friends, unmarried friends, family members, co-workers and so on and so on. I get the “You look way to young to be married!”, then their jaw really hits the floor when they find out I have a daughter and a step-son. I’m not really sure why everyone gets a kick out of picking on the young married girl, and it’s not happening only to me. I see lots of other young couples having the same things happen to them. The wife title has become more of a execution.

(Note: I wrote this back in December 2013 and I’ve now found it in the deft) 


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