Summers coming to a End

It’s July 24th, which means our county’s school year starts in less than 2 weeks. I printed the supply list for my step-sons’s school, when Googled what my daughter will most likely need for the coming school year as well. I’ve decided to go ahead and home school my daughter through Pre-K this year since she’s only just now really getting into potty training. We’re off to a good start, she already knew her colors, alphabet and can count over ten since last fall, and continues to learn new things everyday. We started doing work books in April (I believe) for Pre-K. 

Here’s a list of the items I purchased for her;

1. Safety scissors

2. Water Color’s

3. 10 pack of markers 

4. 1 eraser 

5. 2 glue sticks

6. Construction paper  

7. Color pencils

8. Crayon’s  

She doesn’t have a very long attention span, that means we have to space out our learning throughout the day, but we get the job done. I’m hoping our school district will let me enroll her in Kindergarten next year with her only being 4, if not I suppose I’ll be home schooling her through Kindergarten as well, if I can. I would love to continue home schooling her as long as I can, but with me most likely working a full-time job I don’t think it will continue to work out so well as she gets older and needs more learning time.

Here’s is a link to the Pinterest borad I started for some schooling idea’s.



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