Four Years Ago

Four years ago I set in the back of our SUV watching fireworks like any other couple. The different was I set holding my stomach in constant fear that I was to have a miscarriage at any moment or some other pregnancy related complication. We had a about a half a tank of gas to last us at least 3 days, and just spent our last $1.50 dollar on some gas station potato chips for dinner. We went hoping the festivities would take our problems off our mind for a few minutes. I spent that weekend in tears off and on, with my boyfriend somewhat trying to ease my fears. It’s crazy to think about how many things have changed since then. I hadn’t really thought about this time mark until about 20 minutes ago as while fireworks were shooting off, with the sudden overflow of memories. I just thinking God he got me through that time and continues to provide for me and my daughter everyday.


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