We Made the Cut

My little girl got a hair cut today. They cut off probably 4 inches. She was getting so hot and sweaty in this Kentucky heat, I felt so sorry for her. She inherits her super high body heat from her father. She has had little heat rashes on her neck and upper shoulders for a week or so now, even with me trying to keep her hair up, but she’s to wild for that. So now she’s feeling cool, literally πŸ˜‰ I’m pretty sure the lady that cut her hair was about 20 and is clearly not mother, and reminded me of myself with her lack of patients with B and her frustration when B wouldn’t sit still. But we succeeded anyway. And we always got some more plants to put out in our yard that hopefully we won’t kill. Because that’s the type people we are, plant killers. I’ve been on the computer since 4, so goodnight blogger world!





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