Lee Brice, I’m Forever Tearful.

That Way Again by Lee Brice. This song made me cry the first 15 times I heard it and still brings tears to my eyes for different reasons then the first time I heard it, but it never ceases to lose impact. The first time I heard this song I had rented his CD from our local library, burn onto my computer then onto my ipod without hearing more then the first two songs. Later that day I curled up in bed for a nap, before falling asleep I heard the song “I Drive Your Truck” to which (for what should be obvious reasons) I cried like a baby. After slightly recover from hearing that song I then heard this song, which of course caused me to again burst into tears. At the time it reminded of all that I had gone through with my daughters father. Even though the circumstances were different from what the song is really about, it still brought back all of those feelings of lose, anger, frustration, self doubt, loneliness and so on. I replayed those two songs over and over again that afternoon until I was no long able to produce anymore tears. If my ipod shuffles to that song I either fight to hold in tears or quickly(if able to) skip the song. Now hearing it reminds me of some of the same feelings in my marriage, loneliness, frustration, anger and so on. One would think that after this long and the amount of times I’ve heard this song it would no long bother me, but no it still to this day rocks me to my core. But this man writes some beautiful, heartfelt, memorable, true to life songs. That quite simply many others have failed to do. He loves.  


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