Keep an Eye Out!

Motorcycles… Most people either hate them or love them. I love them, but I’m also fearful. I grow up riding them, a lot of my family member’s had one, heck my dad was born in Union Co. Kentucky and home the of Little Sturgis Rally. My dad also owned one, and I remember my seeing it for the first time and getting to check out off the cool bottoms. My husband hates them, he believes their completely unsafe and shouldn’t be allowed on the road way. From my understanding his family suffered a lose. I remember as soon as I could could drive I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle and get my motorcycle license and hit the rode. Sadly I’ve never came close, I realized I’m probably to small to be able to handle one, but I’d settle for a “crutch rocket”. I actually crave to ride one, it’s like an addiction once it’s in your blood. But I hate being behind, beside or in front of a motorcycle while driving, I get so nerves. It almost feels like their putting their life in my hands for a few moments. All I can think of is that could be my dad, and I couldn’t live with myself if was to make a mistake and cause an accident that would take some girls dad, grandfather, husband and so on. I’m sure it sound stupid that I put this much thought into it, but the truth is they are extremely dangerous. People get careless and make mistakes. But if it’s something you love, you can’t just give it up because it comes with risks, I mean what doesn’t? Really there’s nothing like the feeling of being out on a sunny warm day wind in your hair, it’s freedom.  


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