The Right Words.

The right words… 


Haven’t came, I think my ears are opening waiting only to here them. It feels to me like I’m in a completely empty room, people walk up to the little window in the door, some their mouths move but I don’t hear any sound. Other just simply walk up to the window look right into my eyes and then simply walk away without so much as a fate fake grin. 


To some this may seem dumb and/or simply can’t relate. To those people I am so happy for you. But to the others that know this same feeling, just know you’re not alone in your endless loneliness. 


I can’t speak of the things that trouble me the most right now. And the people that could make even the tiniest thing better, calmly sit there with their mouths shut and their hearts closed tight.


I’m paralyzed in my own pain, fear and uncertainties.  


Touch me I may rumble, love me I may fall, understand me and the world may turn upside down.


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