Alright Wives, Time to Share Your Story!

ImageOkay wives I know we all have those little things we do for our husbands that they’ve never asked us to do and never thank us or probably even realize we do them. So here’s your chance to share and maybe even give yourself a pat on the back. 

I’ll go first,

Every night after we put our kids to bed and my husband(who works third shift)lays down for a little nap before getting ready for we, I go down to our basement(which is like our living room) and clean up everything the kids have gotten out or trash he leaves, so that when he gets home in the morning and goes down stair to play video games so he can unwind from work, the room is cleared and ready for him to relax.

I maybe get the chance to watch TV down stairs once a week, but I know it’s important for him to be able to have that time to unwind after he gets home from a job that he isn’t really happy in and can be stressful.


This post isn’t meant for bragging reasons or such, just a way for all of us wives/moms share our little tidbits.


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