Time for Some Soul Searching

When young couples get married I believe the reason it doesn’t always work out isn’t the fact that they don’t love each other anymore, I think it’s more the fact that they didn’t get to experience much of, if any of their adult life single. Because sure he boy(now your husband) seemed really cute from across the soccer field, and now you see him every morning spilling your coffee creamer, so the new hunk in your office at work now seems like such a better find. Now this is the same for all couples, young, old, newly wed, well seasoned couples. But the difference is at 20 or so they haven’t really searched, waited, wondered or tried out very many(if any) other relationships. How are they to know that someone else out there isn’t going to make them happy, happier? It will only leave their mind to wonder. Which for a marriage is only fuel to the fire. Now I’m not saying this is the case for every young married couple, please don’t think that, or get discouraged. I’m simply stating what I believe to be the case with some of the young couples today, from what I’ve seen or experienced myself. You’re giving up the ability to have anymore first dates, kisses, lovers and so on, unless you are unfaithful… It’s tough to come to that realization, and I believe that a lot of young couples don’t think about these things before they say I do. Love your spouse or not it’s hard to give up your forever. Be faithful and truthful to your spouse. If you haven’t tied the knot yet and in any way feel like this post is speaking to you, please don’t wait until it’s to late, and cause yourself to undergo a nasty divorce in the long run because you didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that you’re fiancee may not be the only one out there that could swipe you off you’re feet. Because truthfully they probably aren’t, but ask yourself if you truly feel like they are the ONE and ONLY person you do want to kiss, hold, love, wake up to, make love to and forever be your one and only. If the truthful answer is no I would do some serious soul searching for what it is you do want, but do NOT go ahead and marry someone your not completely sure about.





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