Too Little or Too Much? You decided.

My husband and I both agree and disagree with one another’s parenting/disciplining tactics. I am usually a pretty strict parent, I don’t let my child run around screaming, throwing things, while dumping their fruit punch everywhere… No I’m more like the parent that makes their 3 year old sit in “time out” for 10 minutes, because their daughter through a stuff animal. It’s rather exhausting to almost constantly be getting on to your child about everything. But here are the things you won’t be seeing my child do on my watch.

1. Threw a fit in the super market because they want candy, and get their way. If my child throws a fit, so be it. I just keep doing what I’m doing, and ignore her until she’s done. To this day I have never brought my child anything anywhere because she threw a fit about it in a store.

2. I’m not a kid person nor do I like it when people are loud and annoying. So I never let my child run through the house screaming and shouting. If we are out doors in a play type setting, then yes go wild! But no ones going to be loud in my house on my watch NEVER! Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your sanity, and not be able to enjoy quite time at home.

3. My child never has a soft drink at home, if you go out to get I will get her Sprite. I do not give my child Cokes or Mountain Dew. She either drinks juice or water. I believe child shouldn’t be given soft drinks on a regular basic until their teenagers and they make their own decisions about that they’re putting into they’re body.

4. There aren’t toys all over my house, if a toy is left somewhere it should be and or gets in my way, it’s taken away, no if and’s or but’s, even if it’s their favorite toy. Everything has it’s place and they know where that is. The back part of our basement/living room is their play area, there are toys all over the place and it’s a huge mess. But I just let them enjoy themselves in their own place. They can make as big of a mess as they would like and just have fun. But as soon as a toy wonders past it’s section, I alert the child to pick it up and put it back where it does or it gets taken away. Every Thursday night or Friday afternoon before B goes back to her dad’s, we pick everything up that way it’s nice and clean over the weekend.

5. My child doesn’t get to eat whenever she wants, we have breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. If she doesn’t listen and misses one of those opportunities, she must wait until the next one comes around. I give her 2 or three choices on what she would like to eat and she must pick one of those, except for dinner when she has to just deal with it and eat whatever I made for the whole family, if she doesn’t she goes hungry until breakfast, and might also be sent to bed, depending on if she has a meltdown or not, and it is close to a reasonable bed time (sometimes we eat dinner pretty late).

6. Sweets! My daughter is always asking me for candy or cookies, but guess what she gets a no about 90% of the time. We are at the moment trying to potty train, and since she loves candy so much that is her rewards for trying, peeing or pooping. Which still doesn’t mean she’s actually getting very candy by the end of the day. About twice a week I will let her pick out if she wants a little candy, ice cream or a cookie. For special occasions/holidays, I will let her indulge and won’t stop her until she starts turning green(after she turn 2). Everyone needs a little chocolate binge every once in awhile, but I don’t believe children should be given sweets day in and day out.

Most parents these days seem to let their kids control their lives and let them get away with anything. We’re raising a generation of fat, spoiled disrespectful kids. If you let a four year old control your life what does that way about you? If you give into your child every time they cry and throw a fit about something, guess what their going to keep doing every time you leave the house? Guess how many meals you’ll have at McDonald’s?  Guess how much many you’ll spend annually on Reese Cups?

Learn to say no, your teaching them a good life lesson every time. Their learning patience, and to respect you’re authority. Love your children bring them up right. Because what are they going to do when they’re adults and they don’t have anyone to just hand them what they want anymore?


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