Food for Thought

When I start me most recent job I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I’d be trained in by some “older” woman. The problem was they all seemed to be set in their ways, grumpy, and didn’t seem to like anyone or anything. Some days were better then others, but the more I worked with them the more I was praying for some teenagers to show up and take their place. Fast forward 5 months and I’ve grown to respect these woman so much. I’ve found out that these woman have gone through so much in all their lives, they’ve stood strong when most women would have fallen to their knees. I have been told the story’s of these woman’s lives, not through gossip, but through the other woman telling me why they respect and look up to one another so much. Sure we all have our bad days where we want to place the blame on someone else or get frustrated with one another. But at the end of the day no one has been disrespected, belittled or offended. Each of these woman now hold a special place in my heart. I have found common ground with each one of them. I now no longer dread working 8 hours with anyone of them. I feel like I’ve learned so much from this job, not so much from the actual “business” part of it (which I have learned about of new useful things about that aspect as well) but about learning how to find common ground with anyone, no matter how rude, weird, old, young, slow, fast, loud, quite, silly or mean they are. God had put them in you’re life for a reason. So don’t get so caught up on how much you dislike them, but focus on why maybe it is that God put them in you’re life. He loves everyone and wants to see us love everyone else the same way. Try to find and focus on one thing you like or respect about them, and think about that one thing when you’re wanting to punch them in the face (so to speak). You’re building great relationships and character at the same time. And show them the same love and respect that you’d want in return.


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