Facing Extinction




Last week I had a doctor’s appointment were they told me the next step they wanted to take was to preform a scope, and just kind of take a look around(from the inside), so in order for me to do that I need to take a few days off from work, but I also didn’t want to lose any hours, so I had to combine a lot of my work days with days I was already scheduled for at night, also I had an interview today, one of my best friends Birthday party is Saturday and I have 4 doctors appointments that are in my home town (45 minutes away) to fit in there as well, and I’m also trying to fit some exercise time in there. Needless to say I’m already beyond tired and it’s only day 2 out of like 11 to go… I’ve been praying about everything(such as health wise), and I really feel like the scope isn’t something I should actually go ahead with. I wasn’t thrilled when my doctor was discussing it with me, but I was on bored if it meant getting some answers, but now I just really feel like God’s telling me not to go ahead with it now, I go to see this doctor on Thursday, so I guess I’ll wait to talk to him to make the final call. I don’t think God’s just going to leave me in pain the rest of my life(at least I hope not), maybe I just don’t need to know what’s going on inside my right now. If I won’t wouldn’t like the outcome of it, maybe it’s best if I don’t know for now. I am trying to get my body into better shape, by trying to eat better, drink more water and exercise, but right now I just feel hungry and sore. If this is 22, I’m kinda scared to find out what 30’s like… I suppose I’ll just keep hauling my sore body like a heavy walrus in the meantime. Hopefully I don’t become extinct anytime soon.




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