DJ Drop That… Tough Decision?

The other day while I was driving I had switched my radio off of K-love for the first time in weeks, only to find a radio DJ talking about a tough decision she was having to make. And it hit me, how do non-christian’s make tough decisions?!? Now probably to most people they would probably think I pretty dumb or have been sheltered for this to just now hit me. But you’d have to take into consideration that I grow up in the Bible belt and have been in church my whole life. Everyone says “just pray about it”, “God will show you his will” and so on. I haven’t surrounded myself with a lot of people who wouldn’t turn to God first for a tough situation their facing. Sure I have non-christian acquaintances, but I’m not usually discussing very tough life choices with them, but if for some reason I have, I usually just say I would pray about it first. I feel like I got more out of that radio switch then I bargained for, but I’m glad I realized this simple truth. It’s given me something to think about, and also it’s helped me to be even more thankful that I have always had God to turn to for my troubles. Even if I have pushed him away once or twice, he’s always been there for me and I’ve known I can count on him. I can think of several times over just the last three years, that if not for God I wouldn’t have been able to stay calm dare in some really tough situations, and I would have been so overwhelmed with stress I could have had a breakdown. The closer I’ve grown to God over the past few years the less I have stressed over things and let things get to me. I used to let myself stress over every little thing. It effected my relationships and my parenting, I thought I had to control everything. But over time and prayer I’ve let a lot of that constant need to control everything go, I don’t stress over things near as much as I use to. And trust me I feel so free now, but I do still have to reminded myself pretty frequently to give it over to God, instead of worrying over it. So you can see how hard it is for me to picture my life without God. I don’t think I could even function with all the stress, worry and fear I would have. And I really don’t have any idea what my thought process would even be if I didn’t have God to turn everything over to when it came time for making a tough decisions. So once again I end my day with thanking God for always being there for me and always providing exactly what I need, when I need it.


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