Dark Paths

Trusting in God is kind of like driving at night, you can only see so far in front you, even when you’re trying your best to see what lies a head of you, it’s still complete and total darkness, and you have no choice but to go forward and hope the path is clear on the road ahead. That’s how God wants us to learn to trust him. We have to put faith in him that he will lead us the right way, and that path will be clear of obstacles or dangers.  Even though most of the time we stumble on our paths or crash into things God get this to our destination that he wants us to go get to one way or another. We’re spending to much time focusing on things that can help us clear path ahead ourselves, instead of waiting for God’s help. We could be spending that time in the word and learning to trust in God that He will provide for us the right path to take. But as humans we try to fix the problem before we put them in Gods hands . We want to find everything we possibly can to make it easier for us to see the path ahead that we’re not meant to see. So why do we spend all the time trying to figure out what’s on the path the ahead. Why can’t we just focus on the here and now? We don’t need to see what lies ahead, God sees it and he knows, and he will provide the way for us to get there, as well as when we will reach our destination . I know it’s human we don’t like to give up or let go of things we want to hold on to everything we possibly can, just like when we’re face with a tough situation we want to find the easy way out of it, whether than what is God’s Way. It can be hard for us just to let go of things and give it over to him but that’s what he’s there. He is our Father, and he will guide us on the right path, and pick us up when we fall or tell us it’s going to be okay for doubting it, we’re human God knows we’re going to doubt him he made of this way but he also made us to trust in him and have faith in Him, and He will show us what path we’re supposed to be on. Of course sometimes the path it’s windy, rainy or just a mess all together. He planned our life to go this way he has reasons for these obstacles we face on our daily path. Stop looking at your life it and try to figure out how to get to the end faster, Your not suppose reach your destination any faster, then God has planned for you. We’re not meant to see it, if we were we would not be enjoying the time we have. And that’s why we need to start focusing on the here and now and enjoying our loved ones and family why we have them here, because you never know at which point of your journey, you’re going to face the time we might not have those people. Focus on the here and now trusting God, loving others and digging into the word to find out what God wants you to do in this place that you’re at right now.


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