Life in Motion.

Today I had a doctor’s appointment with a new doctor. And after talking with the doctor I started thinking, God must have really wanted me to have B, because he had to alter so much in order for me to get pregnant with her B. I had been on birth control for awhile, I had starting having problems with it a month and a half to two months before I got pregnant with her. The doctor suggested I give my body a break to try and have it work itself out, and since they were pretty sure at that time it was going to be very hard or impossible for me to have children, my doctor didn’t seem to worried that I would get pregnant anyways. Turns out I had a develop a cyst, and there thinking was that the cyst had somehow tricked my body into doing the “right” things for once, causing me to get pregnant. Funny right? After being told I probably wouldn’t be able to have kids. All those things had to come into place just right. Now most people would probably think that was some cruel joke that God was playing on them. And while it was never easy being a single mom and sure there we’re a lot of bad days in there where it would have been easier to not have a child. But I always knew there was a reason God had put all of those things in motions, with cause me to get pregnant with B. When I’ve gotten really frustrated with the way things are going, and how hard it  has been to be a young mom, I try to pray about what it is God is teaching me. I know that without having gotten pregnant by life would be totally different right now, and probably not in a good way. I’m pretty sure she saved my life, while yes she can make my life harder at times, but in the long run I’m who got the better end of the deal.


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