God’s Strength, My Fear

A couple of months ago I was informed that Macy’s would be setting up a booth at a bridal show that was to be held at the new convention center down town. I probably said fabulous and rolled my eyes. Around the first of the year I was then informed that the company decided they didn’t want to pay for it, so we were backing out. The end of January we were then told that they had decided to go ahead with it, so we would be setting up a booth. The thought of that made my stomach turn. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a people person, I will speak very softly/mumble and no one can hear me, I want to craw in a hole dare in most conversation I find myself involved in. Luckily I was pretty busy at work all last week, so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. Suddenly it’s Thursday, I’m busy at work trying to get everything ready for us to set up our booth on Friday morning. One of my co-workers kindly volunteered to help out, and we were able to get most of our things together. Thursday night I prayed that God would give me courage and patience to get through this event. Friday morning we gathered up all of our things from the store, and headed to the convention. We managed to get almost everything set up, then I went back to the store for a little while to help out. Friday night I prayed again for God to please keep me calm, and do the job I knew I could do, if I could get out of my own way. Saturday morning we arrived at the center finished setting up and waited for the event to start. As soon as they open the doors in comes about 40 all at once. I look around, I take a deep breath and try to ignore the fact that they are tons and tons of more people coming in the doors every minute. I tried to stand back a little more and let my boss kind of “take the reins” for a little while. After an hour or so, I can tell my boss is watching me more and more. I realized I need to start talking and help her out. Another deep breath “HI! When’s your big day?”, okay I’m thinking maybe this isn’t so hard. A couple of hours later things finally start to calm down. My boss sits down beside of me and says “great job Hannah, I’ve seen a whole new side of you today, you really knew what you were talking about, and were doing great with the bride’s to be.” This morning I was actually excited to get there and start interacting with some potentially new customers. And again my boss says the same thing, and was bragging to some lady’s she knew that were there. She said she thought I was she her secret weapon, that the Dillard’s lady’s didn’t have. I took this job because I thought, even though I’m not girly, I don’t enjoy wedding talk, or really anything to do with weddings. I thought it would help me come out of my shell and force me to be more of a people person. It’s been hard for me to break that habit, of thinking I can sit by quietly, and expect great jobs to find me. Honestly I don’t think I could have gotten through this weekend/event without God giving me strength, patience, courage and understanding that he did. I feel like I’m starting to really become the woman God wants me to be.


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