The “great debate” Christian Addition.

I am neither here criticize nor condemn anyone, I am simply here to share my view of the situation.


Since “Gay Marriage” (or as I would refer to it as marriage) I have had several things on my heart, and I feel like I need to be silent most of the time about my opinion, since I am a Christian, other Christians only want you to refer in one way, and that is if your “gay” you hate God and your going to burn in hell. No I wouldn’t never say anything like that to anything or anyone in such a manor. Also I feel l it isn’t my place to say anything, and also I don’t want to start a 2 hour debate on the matter. But with everything talking about it and post non-ending articles on every social media site, with who’s right and who’s wrong, I feel that I as a human being and a Christian I would share how I feel, and what is laid on my heart, so here goes…


First Off – There actually are verses in the Bible that talk about homosexuality, but only a few that actually speak anything really directed towards homosexuality. Some people like to say there are a ton of verses in the Bible that directly speak of it and it’s pretty clear the way God views it. Other people say there aren’t really any that speak of it. So in my opinion there are a few (between 5-7 verses, in the entire Bible), and yes I do think God makes it pretty clear that he doesn’t approve of the behave. But here’s the things, he neither approves of adultery and I don’t see people walking around pretesting we gather them all up and go drop them off at Alcatraz to keep them from teaching at our schools or seeing their kissing there sufficient others in public now do we?  


Point # 2- God has tough us to love one another, not just the “straight” people, and people who only follow he word well enough we feel like we can accept them into our circle of love..

God to love EVERYONE!

So whether “I”believe what your doing what your doing in the eyes of God is right, no matter what that is, I will try to love you and care for you the best way I can.


Point # 3- I’m not trying to hate on other Christian’s or say their all doing something wrong, because I do see so many Christian’s trying their best to love everyone no matter what.

And I’m DEFINITELY not saying everything I believe is right and the only way to go, so get in a single file line behind me and we’ll all go love on some murders. I simply share my view.

The thing is I’m seeing a lot of Christian’s who are only saying and spreading hate, it breaks my heart for anyone to has to hear or feel the hatred that is being passed around in the Christian community.


Point # 4- Touching back to the point I made earlier. Homosexuality is like any other sin, but we as humans are constantly sinning, and there’s no way around that. Whether your cheating, stealing, cursing, having pre-marital sex, lying or damning God or other people, it’s all sin, and like I said before no ones telling them (most likely) that their not welcomed in our churches, schools, or homes, are we? No were doing the (Christian) thing to do, and that is to love them, care for them, help me, listen, and try to help them. So why is homosexuality the one breaking point that cases Christian’s to run the other way, and say hateful things behind that backs or to their faces, why are we “straight” folks so much better then anyone else, why are we the “true” Christian’s out there? We as in EVERY single person on this plant sin, so next time you feel like saying something rude or hateful, or doing something mean, think about the last time you sinned, and how ugly God thought that was, and then see who’s the real sinner is here.


I believe that is all I have to say. I just couldn’t go any long without sharing how I feel in the middle of this “great debate”.


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