Racing Day


Get set, GO!


As a child your taught to wait at the start line for a Go! Your take off as quick as you can, go as fast as you can go, and watch out and avoid any optical in the way. As an adult you’ll find out that those all to familiar guide lines still ring true. While waiting you might be still waiting at the start line, for your race to began. God sometimes wants to give us more time to mature, maybe you’re just not ready to take on the race quite yet. God doesn’t want to give us responsibility to our way out of our league. God will push you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to do the work God asks you to do, but he isn’t going to completely throw you out in the ocean without at least a kiddie float (so to speak). So while you meant still be waiting for the horn to sound, enjoy your moment of rest and use it to prepare yourself for the road ahead. Phase two; you push as hard as you could, and off you went. Now you’re in a hurry to get to where your going, whether that be marriage, kids, new career and so on. You’re probably pushing so hard to get to your “finish line” you forgot to slow down a minute and rest, and regather your thoughts. While there is nothing wrong with hard work and determination, it can easily take over you as consume, that by the end of the race there isn’t anyone there waiting for you, or you’re not sure where you ended up. Pace yourself, think things through, don’t over tire yourself, because you can’t do what God’s planned for you if your laying on the ground exhausted and hydrated now can you? You’ve almost made it to the finish line, you can see it, it’s beautiful isn’t it, but oh wait theirs a beautiful/hot young lady/guy running next to you, maybe you should slow down so they don’t pass you. We easy get detracted. We’re human, which means we’re constantly seeing things we want, so we get off the beaten path a little (or maybe a lot), we might fell like we have lost our way and aren’t sure where to go from there, and we’re beating ourselves up about how bad we messed up. Well guess what? God doesn’t care that you got diverted, he knows the devil is there to trick you, and will try to pull you in every other detection but the one God wants you to be on. All you have to do is ask for his help, he doesn’t rub whatever you did in your face, he will pick you up off the ground if need be, brush your shame and guilt off and point you back in the right direction. Crossing the finish line, may not mean there are 100 hundreds of people cheering for you and dumping Gatorade over your head, while giving you a thumbs up. But you will probably feel pretty good about yourself, knowing that you were strong enough to make it through that marathon, and knowing that you’ll be able to handle anything the Devil throws at you with God on your side. So no matter whether your just starting to stretch before the race, or you’re about to cross the finish line, God will be by your side no matter what.


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